Some site updates
2 minutes to read in site updates

Some site updates

reducing my site's weight like, 100,000% or something
Just a quick post noting some changes to the site.
  1. The Links box on the main page has been split- socials are now underneath in the Find Me box.
  2. The background image across pages is now a simple black and grey grid. This was one of many changes made to reduce the site's filesize.
  3. The hitcounter/last update box was originally the only element with a unique font- fonts are now globally MS UI Gothic for consistency (also I had a lot of unused font files sitting around that I didn't need).
  4. I made a new button that is no longer animated.
  5. The Shrines page along with the finished A.B.A shrine and W.I.P Lain shrine have been removed- I have the files archived if I ever decide to come back to them.
  6. The ability to display album covers by clicking the title on the Album and Backlog pages have been removed, along with the images themselves.
This is not a comprehensive list of changes, but it's the important parts- in doing these and more, the site has gone down in size from over 80MB (due to my poor file management and heavy use of large images) to under 85KB as of writing this post.
That's all for tonight- it's nearly 4 in the morning as I write this and I need to go to bed.