my name is lacey. i'm an old web enthusiast interested in things like 2000s alt fashion, conspiracy theories, cooking, drawing, fighting games, internet culture, lost media, psychology, skateboarding, and true crime.

i'm not sure what i wanna do in the future. for years i've wanted to be an artist of some kind. the thought of doing something like freelancing or character design just sounds fun idk.

some bands/artists i like include:
the beatles, bôa, dandelion hands, david bowie, fleetwood mac, mass of the fermenting dregs, mgmt, my chemical romance, nirvana, the pillows, and radiohead.

my favorite games and franchises are castlevania, the elder scrolls, guilty gear, guitar hero, tony hawk's pro skater, touhou project, soulsborne games, street fighter, super mario rpg, and super smash bros. melee.
my favorite console generation is probably the 6th one (gamecube, ps2, xbox), i have a lot of nostalgia for that era despite not owning many games for them back then.

my favorite manga/anime are akira, berserk, death note, dragon ball, jojo's bizarre adventure, plus-sized elf, and serial experiments lain.
i don't read or watch em very often so i have a decent backlog. i'll get through it someday